September 14, 2016

Would you like to purchase my soaps?

 Hi, I've really enjoyed studying and making soaps while in Maryland for the Summer. 2 of my soaps are all natural and the other 6 were studies in different ways to make soap. I learned so much. The soaps are lovely and made with quality products. Boy! is there a lot to study on just that! I can't wait to return to Tucson in October to settle in and create a new series of soaps from more luxurious oils and try natural colors, piping soaps, cakes and pies....the holidays are coming.

I am selling my first round of cold process soaps, 
as I consider myself to be an apprentice, 
for $5 a bar and 3 for $13. 

I'm quite sure I'm not recouping costs as there were an incredible background 
of supplies I needed to to be ready to make soap and the tons I still needed. 
Happily bought, I'm having a ball and offer the soaps at a reasonable price. 
Just message here in comments or 

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