July 30, 2014

Yankee's at King George's Court, H. Soulen

I own a painting/Illustration by Henry Soulen. It was a gift from my husbands great aunt Helen -to me. The painting was printed within the The Ladies Home Journal, May 1935. (I just ordered a copy.) This is the first time it has been publicly viewed since that time. Which is why I have those awful white marks across it. Because it has been away from view since it's creation it's very hard to place the auction price. His work goes for between $5000 and $25,000. Thank you aunt Helen! It looks great in my guestroom!

Bless their hearts...the previous owners were heavy smokers. This painting was terribly dulled out. So I carefully cleaned after I was sure it was oils. Check this out....


HENRY JAMES SOULEN (1888 - 1965) attended the Art Students League in Milwaukee, the Art Institute of Chicago, and later studied under the celebrated teacher, Howard Pyle, the founder of the Brandywine School. He also studied with N.C. Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, and Jessie Wilcox Smith. An illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post, Henry Soulen began his career in May, 1912. He also worked for other publications including Country Gentleman and Ladies Home Journal and earned a Peabody Award for his magazine cover designs. He was known for his use of intense, brilliant color at a time when many illustrations were in black and white. Soulen was a thorough researcher and eventually collected a large and varied collection of costumes, weapons, and other objects that he used in his drawings. At age 62, he became a college professor at the University of Maryland and taught the first illustration that art department offered. During World War II, he gave free art lessons at the Valley Forge Military Hospital, a rehabilitation center for veterans. 

(He taught my art teacher, Robert Newberry, who also taught at U of M.)

Some of his other works...the two on the bottom sold for $15,000 and $25,000. Wow! Now we wait for Antique Roadshow to come to town. lol.

Also using this moment to declare my ownership and all copyrights by the publishing of this post- 
July 30th 2014, Victoria Lee Swanson. 

I'm looking for anyone who may know 
more about this painting "Yankee's at King Georges Court".

Take care everybody-  cheers, Victoria

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  1. Can't help you my friend, don't know anything; but what an amazing piece to own! The cleaning just made those gorgeous colors come alive! Enjoyed learning about it.