April 15, 2014

Tucson's Blue Moon Scrapbooking Company

 Wow! I was in the candy store! Not the strip joint in midtown Tucson...but a fabulous warehouse store called Blue Moon Scrapbooking! And it's been here in Tucson for a while and I didn't know it. I'm just giddy knowing there is a GREAT (I mean GREAT!) scrapbook/cards making products store here in town!

Tucson has lost it's little mall shops that carried scrapbook supplies. For the last year if I wanted something to pick up (physically buy) my only options were JoAnns and Micheals. I'm not knocking them, but I don't always find the coolest stuff in those stores. Amazon has been getting my bucks lately...but no more!

Inside this unmarked warehouse (they are a online mailing business that allows locals to shop there too) were tables and tables of the neatest supplies. I wanted a die with the word Hello. I got a smile when I asked for that, because "hello" dies are extremely hot right now and they knew they were low in stock. But never the less- I found a few wonderful dies in other words that fit the bill! So I intended to buy one die and left with three!

The ladies inside were very nice and quite helpful. I teased one by asking "isn't it dangerous to work in the candy store?" She replied "I barely bring home a check I buy so much!". She also told me it was a pleasure working for the owner.

Check out Blue Moon Scrapbooking's web page, and their blog and their facebook page and video's on YouTube. You may find shopping here is a great place for you too- and it will be delivered to your door!

Victoria Lavender

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