March 9, 2014

CASE Study Challenge #181, 2nd Card

 CASE Study Card Challenge #181
It's nice getting back into making cards again. I thought I'd try a more simple card this time. I loved the card by  CASE Study designer,  Silke Ledlow.  I'm still outta practice, but each card creation is starting to feel easier to make.

White vellum bristol card body and card face panel
Digital file background, Corel duotone mode allows me to change the line art to any color, this color is Cyan
Ribbon created same as face panel
Happy Birthday, computer printed and 1.5 Marvy punch (made last year)
Spellbinders "Lacey Circles", smallest die in cream vellum bristol (made 2 years ago)
Paper heart doily, old again, from my mothers stash given to me when she moved
Antique Snug Hug seam binding
Old blue flower that fell off a pair of my nieces flipflops
Photo accents include dies from the Spellbinders set and Snug Hug ribbon I dyed 3 years ago

Funny, as I was making the card I didn't realize how old the embellishments were. It pays to clean your craft room once and while to relocate things you've forgotten about. Below is Silke's card and the Study card done by Joni Nina Andaya.

Thanks so much for dropping by!

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  1. This is so pretty, soft & feminine! Thanks so much for playing along at CASE Study!

  2. This card is so pretty and elegant! I do love the blue!