February 15, 2014

Thank You cards in Pink, Blue & Yellow

I am so very THANKFUL! So thankful I needed to make "Thank You" cards!

 My husband went through chemo and radiation treatments. He had an esophagectomy and has been told that the cancer is gone. He's home convalescing with me and is doing GREAT! What an incredible man! Praise the Lord! Thank you to everyone who gave prayer and sent love.

I had been too shaken up to even think about crafting, but he's doing well and I decided I would have some fun. Simple and clean, these cards are designed to go for the ride that is the US Mail.

I made lots of these cards for the caretakers, nurses, doctors and assistants, deacons, ministers, the food mission, family and friends who helped us along in our journey. Thank you all so much.

Card: white cardstock, colored cardstock, various Cuttlebug embossing plates, fiber flower, and brad. Digi stamp and Corel layout with inkjet printing. Martha Stewart card crease board and bone and lastly...Tacky Glue.

Thank you too for visiting my blog :)


  1. What wonderful news Victoria! I know you have been through an awful lot lately. Both you and your sweetheart. I have thought of you a lot! Glad you were feeling crafty again. Love the cards. And thank you again for my darling little mouse!
    p.s. I need your address. I reused the box and forgot to write it down.

  2. I am so very happy to hear he is doing well! Praise God for his healing hand on your hubby! Y'all have been in my prayers and thoughts a lot over these months. Will continue praying for continued health. Great cards, btw, very professional looking.