September 11, 2013

Good News Amongst the Battle of Life

    I took a summer break from the internet this summer. I hadn't posted about the sad events that happened to my family. We lost someone to a motorcycle accident. My sister wasn't allowed to mourn like we all should. As her nightmare started unfolding- the "becoming" inlaw family was fighting over the his belongings and forced her out of the home they shared. Kemi and Tommy were in love two years. Living together the last six months as they prepared for their wedding in October. There are no laws to protect a fiance. I hope those people rot in hell.

    While visiting Maryland for this sad death, my phone calls with my husband (in Tucson) revealed he wasn't feeling well. I came home to a very pale man barely able to walk across the length of the house. Off to the doctor's......then off to the hospital for a two pint blood transfusion. Folks, we all run around with just four pints in us. Now he's feeling great, BUT why and where did the blood go? After a few doctors and some tests, our worse fears are confirmed- Esophageal Cancer. 

     For three weeks now, I've been a basket case. This guy has tried to croak on me before, he's had triple bypass (which failed and they plumbed him again). Hot. cold, angry,'s crazy what the mind can do and think. I'm doing Halloween and Christmas crafting to try and keep myself sane. Meanwhile, my husband is cool as a cucumber. The first tests were so frightening, and the doctor was truly upset too. But yesterday we went for an ultrasound with the most accomplished Tucson doctor in this category.....and we have the best news that could come from a cancer diagnosis!

     Stage One, T2 (barely), NO, Mx !!!!!!! Which means, "growing on, barely into", defined edges (not growing everywhere), "no involvement of the lymph nodes". This is a battle that can be won! He will still face an operation and treatment, and I will be there by his side cheering him on.

     So, Good News amongst the bad. Life can really be a battle, I like the smooth parts best. Live every moment as fully as you can.

Victoria Swanson



  1. My prayers are with both of you, Victoria. I'm a cancer survivor myself so I know both what you face and the joy of recovery and remission. Hugs. :-D

  2. Hey Vicky, You've been in my prayers, girl. I'm so sorry about your husband's bad news, but glad it isn't worse than it is. So glad there is hope! God is good and He will be there with y'all! Sending you prayers and many blessings, my friend. I know next month will be hard for your sister, I hope it passes quickly. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin