July 13, 2013

Bright Barrio Doors of the Southwest

Lets have some fun visiting some of the eye candy from downtown Tucson and other southwest locals, grab your sunglasses and ENJOY!

Elysian Market, Tucson AZ. From sjb4photos, Arizona Group

Tucson, AZ. "Red Doorway, Barrio Historico" by Alain Briot.

"Pink Door" doorway in Barrio Viejo. Jack Haskell

"The Barrios: Tucson's Link to its Spanish and Mexican Past", by Jennifer Netherby
For almost as long as it's been part of the United States, Tucson was a Spanish-speaking territory and settlement. That heritage is evident in the city today through its cuisine, street names, large Hispanic population and older barrio neighborhoods, now part of a major city revitalization effort. *READ THE ARTICLE HERE*

"Blue house, Black Door" by Lars Hammar

Southwest scene by Gerald Brimacombe

Still in Tucson, photo by hcabral

"New Mexico Blue Door" by Frans Alkemade

El Charro in Tucson

from Arizona Highways Magazine

I love this, Downtown Tucson, photo by "Tucson Daily Photo"

Fabulous doors and entryway, but it doesn't end yet. These next few are from La Placita Village, downtown Tucson. It's a fascinating place. Beautiful court yards and fountains, shady places to rest, shops and apartments right in the middle of town.

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Weeee, Tucson! "La Placita Village"

Many of the original barrio homes were taken down in the 1970's. Entire barrio neighborhoods disappeared. It is wonderful and comforting now, all these years later, that so much time and effort is being put in those historic residences. All over Tucson you'll see the barrio look in yards and homes. So, don't forget your sunglasses or camera if you find yourself visiting "The Old Pueblo"


  1. Hey! Glad to see you're ok, was wondering about ya. Beautiful images, you have a lot of great architecture to admire out there, though sorry to hear some of it has been lost. They aren't afraid of color, are they? Take care - Dawn

  2. We did a little day-trip down to Tucson a couple of months ago and really enjoyed seeing some of the historical downtown area. We were mainly in the Presidio area and didn't do all that much driving around because there was so much construction going on. We found it to be so interesting.