June 5, 2013

The Lavender Kitty Pirates "We have taken over, Meow Meow."

Bang, fumble, knock...she's gone! Hurry, hurry...here, you type...I'll load the pic's, Bunky-watch for the dog!

Meow! Meow. Today we are taking over! Secret kitty posts on our lady's PC in the craftroom. I hope she's out buying more crunchy stuff in the pink bag. Yum. Our  Summer posts are starting off with some cute photo's and a one of my human's stamp files. And because we own the internet, we've added some silly stuff too. I smell tuna..............

We're so cute

This is one of her favorite stamp files. Ha ha ha! Click and save!

Did you guess? We're highlighting smiling cats. CYA next week!

we don't share well....but here goes........   
and HERE are my (your) buttons

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