November 9, 2012

My Atomic Lamps & Mid Century Living Room

Oh My Gosh! I just can't believe I own these lamps! They've both got the spaghetti finish shades. The large one in a gold spaghetti and the little table top lamp in the black spaghetti . $45.00 and $30 for the lamps, and $14.00 for the gold shade. Wow!

Atomic style came out after 1940's and went into the mid 60's with the worlds first satellite and rockets and talk about actually going into outer space. I bought these at Copper Country Antiques and 22nd Street Antique Mall right here in Tucson. 

I've caught up with most of my crafts and changed my attention to our living room. We have lived here six months now and the formal living room has been naked. I can't begin Christmas crafting until I have a room to celebrate in. Steve and I have been using the family room for our usual hangout. So it was time. My sister, Val, recently updated her living room in mid century style and it's quite handsome. I've been looking into it too, but we are twisting the traditional mid century and "hipping" it up a bit. More beatnic.

The room was a standard cream color and I repainted to light avocado. I also painted the ceiling high white and created a faux crown molding with the ceiling paint.

Halloween night the sofa's and chair were delivered. My husband loves assembling ANYTHING! So he went right to work and I passed out the Halloween candy. A few days later, after a little study, we started searching for the "in thing", Mid Century Lane tables. I found a great end table in walnut, it's a Lane. The coffee table is a "like" piece of Lane, but unmarked with a walnut laminate top (when I was a kid my mom had a real boomerang table). I'm still looking for a nice walnut Lane credenza to use beneath the TV, I hope to find the match to the end table. But in the mean time I picked up this very hip stereo cabinet, and we'll use it until I find a credenza. It's a fun piece.

The lamps are like icing! I never believed I'd find an Atomic style lamp, 2 even, so quickly, in town and well priced. I love them! Now we need curtains, carpet and paintings. It's coming along wonderfully. I hope to do a full reveal when we get the room finished.

I think I'm going to do the artwork myself. My next post will show you the retro cats I've been designing.

This stereo cabinet is amazing. Below is my quick image to use in case I share with a couple Linky's. Thanks for dropping by and seeing what I'm up do lately. Peace and Love.

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  1. Those lamps are perfect with your style!

  2. Talk about fun colors! The new (old) lamps go so well. Can't wait to see the entire room reveal. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

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