October 12, 2012

Vintage Halloween Cards Poster

Paper arts is my thing! I tried to do some fabric quilting, but gave it up to quilt on my computer instead. I found LOTS of great Halloween background while looking through fabric sites. All kinds of fabric prints, and I saved plenty! I created a whole file on fabric swatches to use as printed paper projects. As a card maker this is a great thing to file away.

16 x 20 is too big for a home printer, so I really did have to "quilt" this together. The inner background is from 6 print outs, cut, sized and glued. The outside border was multi printed and pieced together. I located vintage party decoration heads for the 4 corners. And I know you recognize vintage Halloween postcards.

 That's what got me going on this poster. I really wanted to use and show vintage cards. The poster could certainly be made without the use of a graphic file....but for me that's not where the fun is!

I hope you are having fun this Fall season! Thanks for dropping by,
 this is post number 2 in my Halloween series on 4 crafts. 

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  1. I started looking at your crafts and saw this....maybe something I could try to make! I love it!