October 4, 2012

Two toned Glittered Pumpkin

I changed out the Summer flowers in my bath and put in Fall. I'm still pretending it's Fall.
Let's get messy with Glitter!

My counter decorations mostly come from The Dollar Tree. Everyone has been buying these great crows this year...they are soooo cool. And the best prices on Fall flowers have been there too this year. On my last visit I saw 6" pumpkins and a little 5 pack of very small tabletop gourds.

I love glitter! The little 6" pumpkins are actually awful looking and they have a pronounced seam through the middle. I tried to sand it off..and got bits and chunks and knocked out color. The little gourds are perfect. I thought glittering the pumpkin would look nice, and it did. But something wasn't right...ah ha! I need shading. After the orange glitter dried I painted new glue in the crevasses and sprinkled dark rust colored glitter. In the same fashion I glitter the top green too. I pulled out a trusty sharpie and tightly wrapped gold wire around it to create little metal spirals for it's leaves. They poke right into the pumpkin easily.

For the flower picks I stuck a skewer in the gourd and glittered them with browns, golds and clear glitters.
I like this set up, but I wish my cat, Bitty, would just stop spreading glitter everywhere.

Well here's a couple of my secrets. I'm off the decorate the bath now. Cheer's!

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  1. Hi there! Those are the best tips. I think I love the skewer idea! It is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" moments! Hah! LOL! Thanks so much you clever lady!