October 12, 2012

My Paper Mache Pumpkin

Pumpkins are grown in southern Arizona, there's some really nice pumpkin patches too. This year we won't make it to one. I'll just get back from a Missouri wedding before Halloween. But this past September I decided to make a pumpkin to last for YEARS!

I went searching through yahoo images and came up with a few great ideas. I was thinking about those vintage german paper mache pumpkins with the silly faces. I saw lot's of folks making really cool pumpkins.
I got the general idea how to start and the trash bag part and the paper mache too,
but paper clay is new to me.
I found a lovely website on a sculpture artist who creates her own paper clay.
Her site is called "Ultimate Paper Clay" You can find a recipe here.
She does some beautiful sculptures pf animals. You'll enjoy the visit.

(D'oh! pictorial, but illustrated would be a better word)

I let the pumpkin dry for two weeks. Look often for developing mold, and kill it. A wipe with bleach works.

Spray painting is ok to stop at and enjoy the piece, but I painted yellow and orange highlights later that evening. I also painted green into the stem and brought in some green leaves left over from my topiary project. Some floral wire and I'm good to go. I didn't do the vintage style after all, but I like the pumpkin. Since I'll have it for years... I could dress it up differently each holiday season.

Thanks for the visit, this post is number 1 in my Halloween segment.
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  1. I'm really glad you showed how you made this, because the final results picture doesn't show just how large and grand this pumpkin is! I thought it was much smaller.

    Once again, GREAT job on your project! This is amazing, Victoria.

  2. You are a true craftsperson that has attention to detail and makes it fun. I admire that in you.