October 12, 2012

Halloween Crows Poison Candy Boxes

Aren't these just the cutest! Crows are big this year....and they're only a buck each!
Halloween Dollar Store Craft

My boxes and straw are also from The Dollar Tree. 
I saw a similar  project from the cool folks at Spookville Stoodios Flicker page

Too easy! Paint, decoupage, glitter or glued prints onto the box. The birds have an inch and a half of wire coming out of their feet. Poke three small holes (in a row) on the top on the lid. Use the middle hole and a short length of wire to secure your straw and the two outer holes for the foot wires to poke through. 
Secure with tape.Bang! Quick and great looking. I created labels and
 distressed them and glued them on quite haphazardly.

I love Halloween! Thank you the visit, this was post number 3 in a Halloween set. 


  1. Oh these turned out so adorable! What a fun easy project for this season!

  2. Oh I have had such a crow fetish this year. Love how these turned out! all of your Halloween crafts are just fab! Thanks for sharing with SYC.