October 11, 2012

Bright Fall Topiairy

Living things die on my front porch. It's not from lack of water....just too much sun. Artificial flowers look fake and funny around here. So, if I'm gonna use artificial flowers, I won't use them the ordinary way...
Let's go ALL OUT!

This was a surprisingly quick craft. A little pricey, but I'll keep these for years to come!
Thank goodness for the $1.00 flower bunches at The Dollar Tree.

 Here's my list of materials:
2 dowels
2-12" Styrofoam Ring
2-8" Styrofoam Ring
12 bunches gold flowers (big fluffy heads)
8 bunches orange/yellow flowers (big fluffy heads)
500 pins with ball heads (used yellow tipped quilting pins) (!$$$!)
Rust colored spray paint
black craft paint
planter pot and fill

Here's the page break, click below to see step by step photos from start to finish.

 Tear up (pull apart) some of the flowers. This is why I've suggested fluffy flowers. The ones I've used have 4 layers. I use these to fill in the bald spots. These could  made for any season. I'm glad to have bright colors on my front porch! I hope you try this one, it's easy and so pretty too.

This is one of those craft ideas I take full credit for, "I love it when a plan comes together"
Take care, Happy Fall to All..


  1. Now, those are pretty! I love the wreaths as topiaries! That is so neat!! i really like this idea a lot. And may have to copy it.