October 4, 2012

A little tour of my casa

Still hot, still sunny and I'm still pretending its Fall. Here's some photo's of my 
recent activities to bring Fall into our lives.

I received this lovely swing for my birthday from my sweet hubby Steve. I hide out on the porch all the time. and its a great place to gaze at the pool.

This is the display I had to take down due to the heat. Everything went to the swing area.

My dining area, then the cat showed up to eat tulle.

a quick revisit to my bath....

Our fireplace in the family room. Poor thing. So far since moving in I've painted the raw red tile edges
to look like the mortar and repainted the venting screens from black to aluminum. Yes, that's a southwestern mirror in front of the opening. That's one my husband will have to fix. The previous owners installed a brass opening with pull chain black screen........yuk. Still, we've been here 5 months,, its all coming along just fine.

To decorate the fireplace, I had to move the Kachina's. Now they are (dancing) on top 
on a cabinet. I think they are plotting.

Thank you so much for visiting my home. I've got Fall all laid out and I'm moving on to my numerous. Halloween projects that are all over my craft rooms.  

PS...........look what I've done to my craft room!

This is the other side of my laundry room. It's just been painted turquoise and the shelves are new. I want to collect turquoise Pyrex (Jann Olson got me started with that new obsession) We haven't finish yet....and there I am using the room for a paper mache station.

sharing with............


  1. Great Fall decorations! Us "AZers" do have to fake Fall, don't we? Looks like you're getting a handle on that, and I know I do a pretty darn good job -- just have to wait on those real pumpkins, however!

  2. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home! I love seeing a picture of your cat, too. What a beauty!