September 19, 2012

Your Hostess


I’m Victoria (Swanson) Lavender, my husband and I live in Tucson Arizona. We’re “Zonies”. We’ve also just moved to a house that is both Southwestern Territorial and Mid Century Style. There are six grandkids with two of them around here almost daily.

We love the stark beauty of the desert and the amazing mountains and have lived here 16 years. Steve is from the Chicago area, and I grew up along the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay in Harford County Maryland, and there are times when I miss it sorely.

I’m retired from Graphic Arts, and it’s much more fun creating art I want to instead of corporate campaigns. My sister and I started the website “Kids4Crafts” in 2005. Even though we really don’t work on it anymore (much) it receives hundreds of visitors each week. Just recently lost the .com on it but it’s still very much alive at or

I got the moniker and business license “Victoria Lavender” when I started a lavender based toiletries business for farmers markets. It was fun...for a little while. Too hot most of the time for me.

To stay busy I started another webblog for my adult crafts and card making, Victoria Currently playing under “Sunny in Tucson”.

Now I post on my card crafting, my casa, recipes, vintage and other good stuff in my life. It’s so wonderful chatting with readers and friends online and sharing projects and post ideas. Thank you so very much for your visits and comments. Bloggers like you are what makes the internet so much fun.

Peace & hugs,
Victoria Lavender

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  1. Was just reading your bio and looking thru your blog. Lots of different ideas there. Love the flower doodles you do. Is it possible to purchase the doodled flowers as a digital file.

    I am still going thru the change of life (10years now) and have so many hot flushes I have decided I would like to set up base in the Antarctic myself :) my husbands not so keen. Anywhere hot these days just about wipes me out.

    Thanks for sharing your talent the way you do.