September 29, 2012

Make a Pumpkin!

I'm just back from Las Vegas and the Mining Expo Convention and couldn't wait to get back to crafting. 
Let's make some pumpkins!

I'd seen a real pumpkin wrapped in tulle somewhere. Since I'm having problems locating the right size pumpkins...I thought I'd just make 'em! Below is a quick photo essay.

Materials needed:
Leftover grocery bag
Old newspapers or "other" left overs for filling
Fabric, enough to pull around the shape
4 layers of Tulle, cut larger than the fabric
Wire Ribbon

This is the second pumpkin that I've made. Gathering the the materials, creating and photographing took only ten minutes. Anyone can do this project, I 'm quite happy with myself for dreaming this one up. Happy Fall everyone!

Here's my decorated dining room table with the first pumpkin I made.

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  1. Love the two colors of tulle, Victoria! I'm going to try a couple of these for my daughter's Thanksgiving table. She put me in charge of decorating this year. I love these and so will she! Thanks so much for sharing the idea.

  2. Very pretty! This idea would be cool to use as a wrap for gifting baking mixes. Thanks for sharing!