September 10, 2012

Baked Hot Wings Tonight!

We love hot wings! We also like them better when baked! Here's how we make them...

pre-heat 350
1 large pack of chicken wings (cut up in lg bowl)
2-3 cups of flour (in a med bowl)
2 eggs and splash of milk (in a sm bowl)
hot wing sauce
bleu cheese dresssing

2 cookie trays covered with REYNOLDS RELEASE FOIL...must use this!
cooks for 2-2.5 hours

"I do it my way" 
I use tongs (right hand) to put the chicken pieces through the egg wash and then drop it into the flour bowl. I use my left hand to roll it around in the flour and place on the cookie tray. Put in the oven. 

 About a half hour later pull out the trays to turn the pieces over. You'll be VERY glad you used Release Foil. Repeat the turn in about another half hour. 

 And just around another half hour later it should be time to dunk them in hot sauce and be put back onto the cookie sheets. Back to the oven!

Cook at least a half husband likes them at this point, so pull out one tray. I crank up the heat to 400 and bake the second tray until I get a little blackening going. YUM!

Now you've got CRISPY HOT WINGS!
not that sloppy wet stuff from Hooters and many wing shops. 
And we all know baking is healthier than frying, so enjoy!

(We buy our hot sauce, called Louisiana Supreme Chicken Wing Sauce, regularly at "The Dollar Tree". 
We love it SOOOOOOO much that we order it online by the case. Check it out HERE)

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