December 12, 2011

Walken in a Winter Wonderland, Shakey Head Card

Happy Holidays! Mine are crazy! It's lots of fun, but the fun and preparing for fun just never ends. I can barley keep up with The Crafty Pad. Have you seen our latest challenge? It's "Send Someone A Smile". (please no Christmas or Birthday)

This is one of my joke cards. I like to do a silly one here and there. On an earlier post I did one of these with the phrase "Walken On Sunshine".

This is 80% computer done. The hardest part was the research to locate my best background, head shot and jacket choices. I just cut out the full card and score. Cut out the jacket and Christopher's head. Create a spring and attach to the head and use double sided tape under his elbows to wrists. Tape the spring low under where the jacket will go. Squeeze the image lightly to secure to the card creating a slight raised bump over the spring. Adjust spring behind the jacket neck. Bingo, goofy card to make someone smile.

I gave one of these to friend last year. She placed it on the hall table and when anyone passed by the breeze caused the head to shake. Great goofy fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy Mother Spirit to all!

This silly card is entered is these card challenges...if I could find one that fits:)
Lexi's Creations, Untraditional Christmas, no Red or Green (1/7)


  1. I'm laughing already! Love the pun in the sentiment and the whole idea of the shaky head. ROFL Fantastic card, my friend!

  2. :-) Great card. Thanks for sharing it with us at Lexis Creations. Sharon x