June 13, 2011


Just note, I'm kinda having a good moment. Of course almost anything is better than to what I woke up to this morning....left overs and bio mess after whats looks like was ALL 6 cats having a battle on my craft table. Supplies everywhere, fur balls and other nasties. They even broke the cable box. My husband is outta town...he'll love this.

But I digress, my cards (4 in a row) have been noticed with winnings. I'm bowled away. I've entered 18 cards into challenge runs and won 6 in the course of 3 months. So..wow! I've blown my streak I'm sure- by just finishing up my digital 1950's Stove Card Set. Which I find to be a riot, and they are a commercially viable product for sale in town if I can get my act together and re-license "Victoria Lavender" for business. It's been so nice to be recognized. Bless everybody (including cats);)

This were my first two wins.

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