May 10, 2011

Case Study Challenge 38

This is my card inspired by the Case Study Challenge :)

Weeeee! another quickly made card for an up coming deadline. I've been admiring the cards done by "Ewen Style". She's really got some fantastic cards! I noticed the challenge for Case Study while visiting "Ewen Style". What a lovely card to study and gain idea's from. I've been wanting to create a fancy medallion since seeing the one's sold st Michael's under the brand "Bravissimo". They look so cool....but I'll make my own. Also I been wanting to use a print from Lilly Pulitzer. The one I found is called "Tiger Lily". So there's a lot of blue going on in my card, but it's all in honor of Lilly.

First, I printed the paper myself. The card is meant to be used as a refrigerator magnet. So it's extra stiff with two business card sized magnets on back. I sewed a pre-gathered ribbon into a medallion and accented with blue loops. The sentiment is also printed from my files and every thing is glued and popped-up. It took a while to dry. My flowers are from a crazy place called S.A.S. Fabrics. It's a discount fabric store, the place is just a riot!

I'm still surprised how quickly I got it together for this card. It's my birthday, and my husband is outta town. Still a lovely day.

I'm going to continue to visit Case Study Challenge, I hope you do too. Thanks for the visit!


  1. This is a beautiful card! Congrats on making top 3!

  2. This is gorgeous! The blue shades are just stunning. So glad you could join us at CASE Study Challenge! :)

  3. What a stunning card! I can't wait to see your next CASE! :)