September 26, 2016

Christmas Flowers

Just around the Christmas. I can barely wait. Christmas Flowers soap is delightful.
Click HERE

September 20, 2016

Cabbage Roses

Oh my gosh! This is so pretty! It's a re-telling of "The Ugly Duckling" story- Click Here

September 16, 2016

Concord Lighthouse & Keepers House

Hometown, Havre de Grace Md. Our Concord Point Lighthouse. Built in 1827 and first manned by local hero John  O'Neil.  Mr O'Neil was the last defender of Concord Point . On May 3rd 1813 the British came to pilfer and burned the town. They were successful. The out cry was far and loud. Baltimore was determined to defeat the British when their turn came. Ever hear of the Star Spangled Banner song?  Havre de Grace was later over voted by one (ONE!) in congress to become the the nations capital. We here are SO glad that didn't happen.

To tie in my soaps, I created the soap called "Concord Point" with the story in mind. It's colors remind me of the water and sand. The fragrance is from Bramble Berry, called "Yacht Club".   See the soap HERE.

September 14, 2016

Would you like to purchase my soaps?

 Hi, I've really enjoyed studying and making soaps while in Maryland for the Summer. 2 of my soaps are all natural and the other 6 were studies in different ways to make soap. I learned so much. The soaps are lovely and made with quality products. Boy! is there a lot to study on just that! I can't wait to return to Tucson in October to settle in and create a new series of soaps from more luxurious oils and try natural colors, piping soaps, cakes and pies....the holidays are coming.

I am selling my first round of cold process soaps, 
as I consider myself to be an apprentice, 
for $5 a bar and 3 for $13. 

I'm quite sure I'm not recouping costs as there were an incredible background 
of supplies I needed to to be ready to make soap and the tons I still needed. 
Happily bought, I'm having a ball and offer the soaps at a reasonable price. 
Just message here in comments or 

September 13, 2016

Petit Four Melt and Pour

I thought I'd try my hand at melt and pour. Cute would make great guest bath soap. Smells like cupcakes. Visit Here.

Historic Havre de Grace

Named after the historic city itself. Havre de Grace is my favorite creation and fragrance. I felt very comfortable making it. From pre planning through execution...just perfect!  Click Here

Natural Beauty Coconut

I was excited to create an all natural, no dye, no scent added soap. But guess lightly smells of coconut. Happy happy. Visit Here

Olive Oil Swirl

Moisturizing, sunny and sweet. Made with soft oils including Avocado. Saving one for myself. Visit HERE.

Historic Concord Point

In my home town of Havre de Grace, the old lighthouse sits at Concord Point by the mouth of the Susquehanna River.  I actually live next door! This fragrance is fresh air sailing. Click HERE

Dirty Girl

My mother makes bath bombs called "Dyrtie Grlz". In honor I made matching soaps- but I'm doing "Dirty Girl". Nice bath time scent, clean and sweet. Visit Here